yes, Acrylic on top of your table, not only protects it from damage, but will give it a great high gloss finish, and can also have any printed artwork applied to the underside showing up through the panel like in the pictures shown here.



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have a website from us built to search engine standards.

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SEO Packages and info

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SEO is so important in web content, this applies for Paid Search results and Organic Search results.

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Business Cards, Banners & more

Business cards, logo design, Banners, Signage, We supply most marketing products for your business.

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Acrylic Panels & Wall Art

custom made and stylish designs

Check out our side line Acrylic Finish, we create bespoke acrylic panel art for table tops, and walls, very popular at the moment is the acrylic wall art with locator fixngs to finish it off.

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